I’m editor of Sandwich Magazine (the perfect job). Each issue takes an iconic sandwich and uses it as a lens to create fantastic features, essays, photo stories and more.

This one is the Ice Cream issue and it came out in June 2023 (when it was really sunny). As it’s a fun Sandwich for such a fun sandwich I got super producer, gourmand and all round bon viveur @itsbennyblanco on the cover talking about his love of music and food, George Foreman grills, SZA, his favourite sandwiches and more. I also got creative scientist-goth @katherinetemplarlewis to explain why eating ice cream fires the same dopamine receptors as having sex, listening to music and doing heroin, Instagram’s favourite microscopic photographer @tardibabe got up close to our favourite ice cream flavour ingredients, supreme babe @thebreaducator wrote a wonderful piece on why politicians use ice cream to get your vote, @jimmymacmusic@spicy.meatball & @alexmayhughes took a trip to Crewe’s @whitbymorrison – the world’s #1 ice cream van manufacturer, @thethirdhan wrote a lovely piece on the two Audrey’s in her life – her nan and Hepburn and eating gelato, @lm_kb took us on a tour of ice cream sandwiches around the world, beautifully illustrated by @frankiethorp. We went to LA’s cult eatery @badmaashla to discuss their ice cream sandwich using the world’s most popular biscuit the Parle-G and Jason Williamson of @sleaford_mods made a playlist to soundtrack eating an ice cream in your garden while your neighbour, no doubt, hoovers their car. Thanks to everyone involved, particularly @beckyy__m for all her help sorting the cover.

Cover shot by @mattadam___
Cover sandwich by @thisisfoodstyling
Editor: me
Art Director: @olliestafford
Design Director: @tertianash
Printed by @pureprintgroup
Published by @tcolondon