Via the art ‘zine Pavement Licker, that I do with artist James-Lee Duffy, I was introduced to Music Support – a charity that helps anyone in the music industry with mental health and addiction issues – by art dealers, Helium London. They asked if we could come up with a fundraising art exhibition for them. So we worked on some ideas that married art and music in a unique way and came up with Pressing Matters “The album cover has historically been the place where artists and musicians’ minds met. We wanted to flip that up for this unique show. We made the record the canvas and have turned them all into one-off pieces of art.” It’s a straightforward concept – we asked some incredible musicians if they’ll donate the test pressings, vinyl, and acetates of their records and we gave them to contemporary artists to use as a blank canvas. We’d like to thank all of our extensive network of contacts in art and music who so willingly got involved. We’re so proud of this. Check them all out.