This is the OBEY X Pavement Licker: Call and Response collection and zine. It’s Pavement Licker’s questions, Shepard Fairey’s answers, and what happens when he gives us a bunch of OBEY artwork to put in the Pavement Licker blender.

Seriously, Shepard, along with Mike and Steve Ternosky from OBEY Clothing, sent us about 16GB of their OBEY photos and artwork files and let us do whatever we liked with it.

We called the project ‘Call and Response’ because the zine was the backbone of it all. James and I sent Shepard some slightly inane questions and he sent us back his answers with all that artwork. Using the answers as a jump-off point, James merged our Pavement Licker visuals with the OBEY artwork. Once we’d got the zine in the order we all liked, James and the design team from OBEY used those graphics to create three T-shirts, a sweater, a hoodie, and a tote bag.