Earlier in 2020, Marvin Scott Jarrett, founder of Ray Gun and NYLON Magazine got in touch asking if I’d be Executive Editor of his new magazine. Of course I said yes. Then the world set on fire and I wasn’t sure it would happen. But it did and it’s awesome. It’s art directed by Gary Koepke with design by @eforaker , is enormous and, as you can see, has Yungblud on the cover with a bunch of extremely good features inside, including Ashnikko, The Struts, Florence Welch, Felipe Pantone, Raftaar, Zebra Katz, 24kGoldn and more. It also gave me the chance to work with some people I’ve been fans of from afar like Perou, Tori West, Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson, Christan Witkin, Max Bell, Valerie Phillips and Leonie Cooper as well as old collaborators like Dan Wilton, Mat Osman, Tom Oxley and Cameron Cook.