This is Huck #80. It’s my third as editor and this is the Power of Words issue – it’s really, really good.

It’s got @ziwef on the cover, shot by @salacuse, discussing her brilliant book Black Friend with @todayisok. Elsewhere we took @biminibabes and @nadiawhittomemp to Dalston Superstore to discuss the dangers of rhetoric; Mackenzie Eisenhour did a great deep dive on the impact the iconic Zoo York Mix Tape had on on East Coast style, mixing freestyle MCs and skate footage. There’s music featuring the UK’s Blanco on evolving from making drill into other genres, Nigerian singer, label boss, publisher and festival maker @teezee on the effect the diaspora has on writing music, @lanikaps wrote a brilliant essay on why, in the current bleak landscape of media journalism, we need humans to deliver the news we consume; street artist @fokawolf on his brilliant installations; Tom Hicks’ wonderful @blackcountrytype photo project; Jesse Dufton, the world’s leading blind climber, discusses the incredible communication he has with his wife Molly to achieve truly amazing climbs. We look at a great new book on the history of the Village Voice and loads, loads more. We also have the absolutely ingenious @blindboyboatclub as our Artist-in-Residence whose recommendations for cultural experiences and interview knocked me for six. They were so, so good. Out in all good bookshops around the world now. The design is just fantastic (hat tip to @tertia.nash and @ebalebela and Han Nightingale), I’m very proud of this one. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped.

Editor: me
Art Director: @tertia.nash
Digital Editor: @bencsmoke
Senior Editor: @thekingalex89
Social Editor: Isaac Muk
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