I got pretty drunk one night with some friends and was saying that if you wanted a successful Instagram account it should have either food or celebrities on it. They went to smoke. I was alone. I came up with Celebrities In Ramen where I photoshopped celebrities in some tasty broth and wrote a little story about why they were there. I registered it, then went home and posted one of Drake as an egg. Then I did some more. My favourite was when I did one about Mena Suvari not being able to sleep because people keep dropping rose petals on her and she replied that it wasn’t true. It got quite successful and I got bored with it. But I did make a book and calendars featuring the best ones and they sold out. Here’s the press it somehow got Buzzfeed / Eater / Business Insider / Mashable / Time Out / It’s Nice That / Funny Or Die / Guardian / Elite Daily / Hello Giggles / Evidently / Asia Be / Oxygen